Joe Lieberman

Lieberman Calls for ‘War Cabinet’ — Senator Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) proposed a special bi-partisan war council Tuesday to provide advice and direction to the president. Lieberman’s “Bipartisan Victory in Iraq Administrative Group” would help dull some of the bitter tension between Republicans and Democrats. The council would resemble those created in the Vietnam War and World War II, but Lieberman said he had not thought through the details of how the panel would work. It would likely meet weekly to discuss conditions in Iraq and recommend policy. In a speech at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment, Lieberman said the war debate is poisoned by partisanship.

Virulent voices on the anti-war left have poisoned the water of national unity. The same strains of anti-Americanism that tainted the air during the Vietnam War have re-emerged to destroy the political future of our nation. The anti-war peaceniks chide and deride our military. They confuse the citizenry with their polarizing voices of contempt and false witness against our elected officials. The web spreading of disinformation with half-truths and downright lies is their modus operandi. This method is incessantly used from supposed “civil rights” organizations and their mouthpieces. The American public is sick and tired of hearing the back-biting from all sides of the political aisle. The American public craves and demands true leadership and truth from their elected officials. And the American public also knows the difference between unknowingly operating under faulty information and misleading a nation to war for political gain and oil profits.

“We can’t tolerate the kind of division that currently exists in our country,” Lieberman said. “Why are we fighting among those who have the same goals?” Lieberman also confronted Democrats who question the president’s motives. “It’s time for Democrats who distrust President Bush to acknowledge he’ll be commander-in-chief for three more years. We undermine the president’s credibility at our nation’s peril,” he warned.

The Zell Miller / Joe Lieberman strain of Democrat politician may well be the savior of us all. Yeah, I said it. And I’m a Christian first, a Conservative second and a Republican very much last. We need people who remember the simplicity of goodness and morality. Founding Father Benjamin Rush once declared, “I have been alternately called an aristocrat and a democrat. I am neither. I am a Christocrat. I believe all power … will always fail of producing order and happiness in the hands of man. He alone who created and redeemed man is qualified to govern him.”

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