Baker and Coakley

Today it makes little difference where you get your news. You’ll most likely see some kind of article discussing the political victory in Tuesday’s Coakley-vs.-Brown palooza. Almost immediately, all the news outlets began asking the same question: What does this victory mean? Every answer imaginable has blanketed the comment sections of political blogs, online polls, OpEd pages, etc. And, after the dust has settled on Tuesday’s election, no doubt we will have gleaned several good lessons.

But, it occurred to me: America reacted against the blatant hypocrisy when the previous Republican-controlled Congress lurched to the left and elected the opposite party the next chance they could. America also reacted against the blatant hypocrisy when the Democrat-controlled Congress lurched even further to the left. And now a Conservative (and by some reports a Conservative not in blind lock-step with either Democrat or Republican party) will ascend to the “people’s seat” in a state with a very liberal history.

America must keep her “goodness” by continuing to recognize good and reacting violently to expel evil from within its body politic. I believe the Conservative path will continue to be the only path of liberty and freedom. It’s the path of the sovereign nation state, not the global village. It’s the path of personal and religious liberty and political freedoms, not mindless multiculturalism and political correctness. That same historic path that Boston once took that gave to all the greatest and most benevolent nation the world has ever known has now given us another chance to reflect and repent as we strive for national redemption.

So, thank you, Massachusetts! Your votes have slapped the hypocritical smirk off the faces of the political elite. Your votes have illuminated and enlightened us all and proven that the righteous path is a conservative path where freedom deals the death knell to oppression and tyranny.

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