In this article we will uncover some undeniable truths concerning our Godly heritage here in America. We, as Christians, are at a cross-roads. Humanism has introduced subtle diversions that catch our eye and challenge our beliefs. With the introduction of each new law, we are witnessing our heritage, as a nation, being spat upon and literally washed down the drain pipe. I want to expose various court cases, both old and new, that prove beyond the shadow of doubt that our historical reverence for God has been the reason for America’s success. We at our very best (as a nation) are the light of the world. I will prove that this nation’s officials have had an agenda stemming from a rat-infested moral code that traces its roots to a sordid beginning with the serpent in the Garden of Eden. In schools and in political debates we often hear that our founding fathers were secular humanists, atheist or, at best, deists.

These gallant men united their religious beliefs to their concepts of what a successful government would be like and forged out of nothing a nation that was to be one of the greatest nations the earth has ever known. These men would not have allowed compromise to enter this thing which they had fought so very hard for – a free government. Our founding fathers had convictions. They were strongly pointed in the way of Jesus Christ. Nothing would sway them from their course. Men like Patrick Henry, John Jay, Benjamin Rush, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and James Maddison were sure the only way to a future of peace and equality was through the principles of Christ through the Word of God. Wow, what a statement! So, could it be inferred that these gentlemen would ever say things in a political setting that would be an untruth, half-truth or against the Will or ways of God? Of course not.

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